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Unlocking financial

success together

Are you on track to achieve your financial goals?

At The Red Roof Financial Inc., we understand that financial success is a journey. Whether you're a forward-thinking millennial, a tech-savvy Gen Z individual, a recent immigrant to Canada seeking financial stability, or a new business owner navigating the complexities of wealth building, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

We bring financial expertise to businesses, families, and individuals, fostering security, growth, and prosperity, one solution at a time.

Our Focus Areas


We understand that each family's financial needs are unique, so we work with you to create a customized plan that covers everything from buying a home and saving for emergencies, to education, vacations, weddings, insurance, retirement, and personal expenses. Know more about services

Family-Focused Finances


Small business owners are the building blocks of a growing society. Financial experts like us help small businesses protect and grow their businesses through holistic financial planning which generally includes tax planning, risk planning, growth planning, succession planning, retirement planning and expanding the business savings pool. Know more

Business Centric Finances


As Millennials and Gen Z chart their financial journeys, our specialized services pave the way for success. Whether it's credit building, startup funding, education planning, or life's major milestones, we provide the guidance needed to achieve their financial aspirations

Personal Financial Growth


You Dream, We Deliver.


Customised Solutions for

Our Expertise

An expert-curated personalized financial plan that helps you navigate the best way to achieve your goals.

Financial Planning


Step-by-step assistance in making and managing the right investments based on your risk profile, preferences, and needs.

Investment Planning


Complete tax planning guidance to ensure maximum savings.

Tax Planning


Mitigate risk exposures with our personalized Risk Management solutions. Our team of experts will tailor protection plans specific to your business to ensure you're fully covered. 

Risk Management


Our experienced team of financial consultants specialize in helping you plan for the future, offering expert advice on mitigation and estate management. With our help, you can rest easy knowing your financial future is secure.

Estate Planning


Wondering how to accumulate wealth for your future?

Wealth Accumulation Calculator

Calculates future wealth that can be created through your regular investments

The Red Roof Financial Inc.

Address: 10 Milner Business Crt Suite 300 Scarborough, ON, M1B 3C6 Canada

Call: +1 416-277-5959

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